Ascent of Titan Keeper of the Seven Keys 3 Vulkan Inc. Crystal Towers 2 Hatogate Running Free FISP CannonBob Special Agent Bunnet Gravqx Boxplode Test Jason Jupiter for Java Special Agent Castle of ZZT Treasure Tower S. S. S. S. S. Crystal Towers Breakout Invaders
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titan Ascent of Titan
A GZDoom episode written for NaNoWADMo 2020
keeper3 Download
keeper3 Keeper of the Seven Keys 3
A GZDoom game written for NaNoWADMo 2019, based on 'Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy' by Helloween
vulkaninc Download
vulkaninc Vulkan Inc.
A game for GZDoom - venture into the depths of Vulkan Inc's main power station, fighting back the invasion they inadvertently started when they drilled into hell.
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crystal2 Crystal Towers 2
My biggest game, which I worked on (on and off) for four years. A huge adventure inspired by the 90s platformers.

hatogate Hatogate
A mad pigeon-fuelled minigame, written by Xaq and based on Hatoful Boyfriend
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runningfree Running Free
A gravity-switching game for Flash and iOS.
fisp Play Flash game
fisp FISP
A collection of frustrating sliding puzzles.
cannonbob Play Flash game
cannonbob CannonBob
CannonBob is a simple Flash game, where the object is to aim a cannon to propel Bob the human cannonball into as many of the balloons as possible.
bunnet Play Flash game
bunnet Special Agent Bunnet
Special Agent Bunnet Versus Doctor Dishwater is an anti-pairs game, if such a thing exists, where you have to find unique symbols under pressure of time.
gravqx Play Flash game
gravqx Gravqx
A racing/skill sort of game that I wrote to test various aspects of the MMF2 Flash runtime. Guide the ship around the courses against gravity, without touching the sides. Reports are that it's slightly diffcult.
boxplode Boxplode Test
This is a prototype of a Flash puzzle game that I posted up for feedback and accidentally made it on to the Indiegames blog. I'm now considering taking to to mobile devices.
jason Jason Jupiter for Java
An unofficial Java applet port of the first PC game I ever played - Jason Jupiter, originally written in 1989 by Neil Drage.
specialagent Download
specialagent Special Agent
An MMF game based on the theme of Apogee's 'Secret Agent' from the early 90s. Made in 2006
castleofzzt Download
castleofzzt Castle of ZZT
A game I wrote in 2006 for ZZT by Tim Sweeney.
treasuretower Site
treasuretower Treasure Tower
Perhaps my most popular game. Made in 2005
sssss Download
sssss S. S. S. S. S.
Solitaire Specification, Simulation and Solution System
crystal1 Download
crystal1 Crystal Towers
The first significant platform game I released
breakout Download
breakout Breakout Invaders
A Breakout game with added flying saucer enemies