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Ascent of Titan

I came back for NaNoWADMo 2020 and made a GZDoom game that was much closer to the classic Doom style than most of the stuff I've done for it. This time I chose to tidy up my various maps from community projects that never made it and string them into one coherent episode. At its outset I thought it was a far less ambitious target than my last one, but it still took me all month.

Thanks to:
  • scwiba - For encouraging people to make and submit things through NaNoWADMo
  • knezha - Map screen artwork
  • Ola Bj√∂rling (Ukiro) - OTEX textures
  • Accensus and BillGuy - Additional code/mapping on MAP07/MAP08
  • Jimmy - For your immense archive of music!

As a bonus I've also made up a little strategy guide booklet like you might have seen for Doom in the 90s :) There's a small fee on itch to get it with the game.

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