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Treasure Tower

Treasure Tower started off an an experiment just after I'd completed the first Crystal Towers, seeing if I could make a platform game that was strung together from a randomly-picked batch of levels - this post was made during the initial stages of the game's development. Eventually it grew into a full game with about ten different game modes in two hundred challenge rooms - the main enemy of the game is time, which has to be kept replenished by finding food scattered around the rooms of the tower.

The game took a lot of inspiration from Knightmare - at first the timer was going to be the iconic skull life force sequence, but it ended up taking too long to load a video and wind to a position in it. The clock was thought up as a replacement, and I really like how it turned out.

This seems to have been my most popular game so far - perhaps because it's quicker to play and less involved than some of the other main projects. Perhaps it's more an infamy gained through its frantically irritating nature and my decision to score the game entirely with Scott Joplin ragtime pieces (which some people enjoyed but probably led to a greater number of keyboards through monitors than was strictly necessary).

After the release of MMF's Flash runtime, it was turned into an online game which can be played here!

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