by David Newton
Game Objective
Click anywhere on the screen to use your thruster and guide your ship around the tunnels - your aim is to get between the checkpoints to complete laps of the tracks while avoiding the edges, working both with and against the force of gravity. The ship isn't very substantial, and doesn't react to walls well.
The amount of thrust you get depends on how far away the mouse is from the ship, as well as the angle. Take things slowly at first, move with short bursts, and you'll soon be flying around like mad. Hit R to return to the selection screen at any time! Javascript must be enabled to post your time on the leaderboard.
Why's it called Gravqx?
I was fed up of writing games with completely unGooglable names. And you can't get much more unlikely than putting the letters "vqx" together.
How do you pronounce it?
I don't know. Make it up for yourself.
What are the gravities of each level?
The relative pull of gravity of the levels are based very loosely on the acceleration due to gravity on each planet:
Mercury: 40%
Venus: 80%
Earth: 100%
Mars: 40%
Jupiter: 250%
Saturn: 100%
Uranus: 80%
Neptune: 120%
I can't get anywhere!
It takes a while to get used to moving - don't go too fast for your own good, and remember that you need to leave room for slowing yourself down (click on the opposite side of the screen from where you're pointing). If you're heading downwards, try to let gravity take you rather than using the thrust, and try keeping the cursor around the top half of the screen so that you're compensating for gravity.
Try Mercury and Uranus first, which both have a lot of room to move around and relatively gentle gravity, then move up to harder levels once you've got used to the movement. The levels are set up so that a really good time for each of them is 1 minute to complete the entire race.
And if you're still skeptical that it's possible to move around at all, here's some video evidence!
What are the credits and various elements that were nicked from other places?
This game was written by David Newton at the end of 2009 to test various aspects of Clickteam's MMF to Flash exporter. The menu selection sound is from Carmageddon, the font is a Xenon 2 recolour that I've had lying around for ages, and the other sound effects are the same ones that I've been recycling for the last few years. All the rock textures were taken from various places around the Internet.