In addition to these, take a look at the ZDoom forums project thread for some more development news.

Building a project with BDLite

BDLite was written so that it could be built on to more easily than its parent mod, and it was originally made to provide a base for a Doom episode project of mine called Vulkan (I spent ages choosing the perfect volcano-themed word that wasn't already taken by a WAD and overlooked that it was the name of an entire upcoming graphics library). The "PK3 Tools" download above includes a simple batch file tool "build-bdlite-extension.bat" that can be used to combine a set of project files with the base BDLite.pk3 into one final runnable PK3.

The script works by making a copy of the base BDLite.pk3, then adding the files from your project folder into the copy using 7Zip. You'll have to open up the batch file and adjust a few variables at the top:

build-bdlite-extension.bat variables section
:::::::::::::: :: Variables :::::::::::::: SET ziptool=c:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe SET finalpk3=c:\doomwork\bdlite\bdlite-plus.pk3 SET bdlitepk3=c:\doomwork\bdlite\bdlite-snapshot.pk3 SET projectfolder=.\extension-example-pk3
After setting up your variables, run the batch file and you should see some output like this:
build-bdlite-extension.bat output
C:\DoomWork\bdlite\git\tools>build-bdlite-extension.bat Removing old folder and file... Copying BDLite C:\doomwork\bdlite\bdlite-snapshot.pk3 1 File(s) copied Adding files from project 7-Zip [64] 15.14 : Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-12-31 Open archive: c:\doomwork\bdlite\bdlite-plus.pk3 -- Path = c:\doomwork\bdlite\bdlite-plus.pk3 Type = zip Physical Size = 13140632 Scanning the drive: 5 folders, 35 files, 530259 bytes (518 KiB) Updating archive: c:\doomwork\bdlite\bdlite-plus.pk3 Items to compress: 40 Files read from disk: 35 Archive size: 13661513 bytes (14 MiB) Everything is Ok Created c:\doomwork\bdlite\bdlite-plus.pk3 Press any key to continue . . .

You can now run this by opening the PK3 in GZDoom, and the revolver will be there along with the base BDLite material. It's selectable on slot 2, and can be summoned with the class name BDRevolver.