A spiteful attempt to "clean up" Brutal Doom by tearing out about half the stuff and tossing themselves off over how much better they think they are
- A BDLite fan

Download BDLite v1.2, released December 20th, 2019!

BDLite is a mod for ZDoom with its roots in the popular "Brutal Doom" mod by Sergeant Mark IV. It aims to strip down and reorganize Brutal Doom's maze of classes and features, providing a better base for other level and mod authors to build on top of it.



ZDoom project thread for more development information.

For more about the work behind converting the mod, and how to adapt your own monsters and weapons on to it, check the Tutorials section. You can also download the unpacked PK3 and some development tools on the project's GitHub page, or get an overview of the class hierarchy.