The final part of this week's Holidaystar uploads sees another aspect of Moa's brilliant storytelling coming through - her ability to wrench us from the hilarity of the previous episode into a tragic backstory which gives us a new perspective on the significance of there weird little bipedal doves. Evidently our characters haven't learned much in the way of survival skills, but everything seems to turn out all right in the end. Except we know that this can't be the end - it's going to be just the beginning of something much, much deeper.

I'm looking forward to finding out what that might be...

0:30 Miru and Kaku
1:20 Merry Christmas
1:45 Creation
3:20 Burned
3:40 Mood whiplash
4:50 My little siblings
5:40 Almost identical
6:50 Culled
7:05 Objection!
7:25 Proposal
7:50 Speechless
8:30 Objections
8:40 Parting
10:05 A Christmas present
10:35 Carry the rings
11:15 Evilbeaks
11:55 End of the investigation
12:55 What happened?
17:20 Fin

2013-01-09 18:37:00