If you're anything like me, this is the part that you've been waiting for! In this climactic half-hour-long special, we finally confront the thieves that we've been plotting to capture over the course of the story. And it happens in a way that none of us could have predicted (although as I mentioned before, we accidentally made a fairly decent guess at it).

This is a great part in which everyone gets a chance to shine, including (as ever) the author of the game - it reminds me of just how much we love Moa's unique brand of relentless insanity. We're getting some extraordinarily flattering appreciative comments on the Youtube posts of these, with people saying how much they love our videos and the way that we characterize everyone.

I really can't stop laughing at the joke at 12:40, or the fact that the arrival of Albert the butler completes the collection of absolutely everybody doing a British voice except me. And the climactic battle is just topped off with increasingly unexpected rescues by our favourite French erotic dove and our least favourite partridge.

0:10 Curley
0:35 Forward planning
1:05 Plain clothes
1:35 Iron hand
2:20 Mop
3:10 Tailfeather pause
4:15 Albert Farthington-Carstairs
5:20 The letter
6:15 Smeagol-Smurf
6:30 Wild Weirdbeaks
6:55 Speaking Christmas
9:00 More British
9:25 Mid-line realization
10:10 Not coming
10:30 Combining mecha
12:20 The Christmas Thieves' sensational return!
12:40 Plan B stands for...
13:30 What do we do?
14:35 Plan of attack
16:00 Congratulations
16:55 Spectacular rescue
18:15 A must-have item
19:00 Japanese culture
19:40 Lay a finger
20:25 Not sure how I feel
21:05 Emergency repairs
21:35 Oh dear
22:35 Our only hope
22:45 Tail
23:20 Rescued once again
24:50 Sharp tongue
26:00 Holy hand grenade
26:55 Throwing arm
28:05 Synchronized sympathy
28:30 Voice of reason
29:10 Strangely mild symptoms
29:45 Line disagreement
30:10 Bad mood

2013-01-08 19:02:00